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Santa John Chilson

Experience & Qualifications

Santa John Chilson

  • 2018 is Santa John's 20th year as a Santa Claus.
  • Founding Member and 2018/2019 Moderator of Society of Santa
  • Member of International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS)
  • Has taken the Santa Claus Oath
  • Graduated from St. Nicholas Institute
  • Member of Knights of St. Nicholas
  • Lead Instructor at North Pole Santa School



Santa John is as close to the real deal as it gets! He is very professional, excellent with children (and parents), has many wonderful ideas and really knows what he is doing. We get many compliments from our customers when we have him in our store.
Kirsten Pellicer
Owner & Vice President
Ace Hardware, Longmont, CO 

Santa (John) paid a surprise visit and was truly amazing. He was wonderful with the children and even had the undivided attention of all of the adults.Santa did a wonderful job of planning his visit and arrived at the exact time that we had agreed upon.

He truly pays attention to each and every detail. The names of our grandchildren were printed in his "Nice" book and brought the biggest smile from our 5 year old grandchild. His wonderful stories are still talked about today!

The most memorable thing from his visit was when the 6 year old told us "That was the REAL Santa because his beard was stuck in his skin like our eyebrows!" 

We plan on making the Santa visit an annual event for our grandchildren and would highly recommend John Chilson!
Harry Lozinski
Longmont, CO 

Examples of Events


Santa John does many retail events, home visits and city events. 

  • Longmont Parade of Lights with Mrs. Claus
  • Lyons Parade of Lights with Mrs. Claus
  • Longmont ACE Hardware
  • Christmas Eve "Sneak 'n Peak"
  • Toy Collection for "Toys For Tots"
  • Home visits any time during the year
  • Hospital visits
  • Home visits to handicapped children

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Serving Longmont, Colorado and surrounding areas.

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