Our Mission

It is the Mission of the Society of Santa to provide children a wonderfully magical experience of which dreams are made, that they might find encouragement and belief in the Magic of Christmas.

Recommended to the membership by unanimous agreement of the Board of Directors and approved by a unanimous vote of our members attending the July, 2018 meeting.

Our Oath and Agreement with Each Other


  1. With warmth, understanding and compassion, I will demonstrate love to all children and those who care for them, whenever I meet them, wherever I may be, that I might bring them joy and encouragement.
  2. I will always strive to keep children and their families safe from harm and, without hesitation, I will stand up and speak out on behalf of children whenever and wherever necessary.
  3. I will always strive to enthusiastically appreciate everyone I meet as unique and worthy of my unconditional love and my complete honesty in all things.
  4. I will avoid any actions that are detrimental to the image of the Christmas Characters I portray or the Society of Santa and our members by word or conduct.
  5. I will continue to learn and improve my portrayal and performance of Christmas Characters.
  6. I will openly share my knowledge, experiences, education, fellowship and encouragement with anyone who honestly and earnestly wishes to portray Christmas Characters in the tradition of Saint Nicholas the gift giver of Myra.
  7. I will faithfully follow the Code of Ethics of the Society of Santa.

Recommended to the membership by unanimous agreement of the Board of Directors and approved by a unanimous vote of our members attending the July, 2018 meeting.  

Our Code of Ethics

The Society of Santa has a goal to provide a better Santa experience for children and to improve the image of Santa Claus. To accomplish that goal we need well-based standards of right and wrong to prescribe what Santa ought and ought-not to do. Each of us has a stake in all members maintaining high moral and ethical standards and acting as Santa should act. We owe a duty to one another, to all Santas everywhere, to our clients and children of all ages to always act as does Santa.

Above all, we must be HONORABLE
Honor is that highest moral integrity upon which a good name and reputation are founded. Honor demands that we always do what is morally right and aspires, at a minimum, to the ethical standards and actions outlined below:

Acting with integrity, being completely straightforward and above board, in all matters and never take what isn’t rightly ours or accept what hasn’t been properly earned.

Trustworthiness is being honest, dependable, reliable and responsible. Whatever we promise we must do, to the letter, if we commit to doing something, we must do exactly that thing.

Respect is the regard and consideration we must have for our fellow man regardless of race, color, creed, gender or religious affiliation. We show respect by dealing honestly, being trustworthy and accepting responsibility.

Courtesy is not just being polite, it is a part of showing respect. You don’t need to be first, allow the other fellow to have his way, to go ahead or to feel good. Spend a moment saying or doing something kind or to just say, “thank you,” 100 times a day.

Tell the TRUTH
Save for the joy and legend of Santa, truth is a plain, unvarnished, accurate and complete statement of fact. If a thing isn’t true, we must not say it and must not allow it to be understood from what is said. The truth may cost us money but it will gain us respect and allow us our dignity.

Take no advantage of another’s mistakes or weaknesses and don’t be quick to judge harshly. Always allow the benefit of any reasonable doubt.

Cleanliness includes clean thoughts as well as a clean body. Allow no unsightly appearance or unpleasant odor in your body, breath or clothes and keep your speech clean, free of profanity and vulgarity. Avoid the odor and filth of smoking or chewing tobacco, at least around others.

Sobriety is also a part of cleanliness; drunkenness is never acceptable. Don’t drink alcohol except at non-work social affairs or in private, and then only in moderation. Use of non-prescription drugs and abuse of prescribed drugs is unthinkable, never acceptable.

Knowing to a moral certainty that you always act honorably in every way by doing whatever you do with a good clear conscience and closely observing these minimum SOS Ethics guidelines.

Recommended to the membership by a majority of the Board of Directors on or about May 9, 2009 and approved by near unanimous vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting on May 16, 2009.