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Santa David of Centennial, Colorado

My Bio


In the year 2010, Head Elf Bernard approached me and said I was to be the new Santa. This was just after I retired from the Software Development industry I had worked in for 38 years. Since I was living in Centennial Colorado at the time, he sent me to a Santa School sponsored by American Events in Denver. There I was taught all the Ins and Outs of conducting myself as Santa. Next was a trip up North to visit the other elves and reindeer. 

My favorite reindeer is Randolph, Rudolph’s youngest son. Since he can’t yet fly I let him guard my toy sack from curious children when I am making my rounds. In addition my normal responsibility of delivering toys all around the world on Christmas Eve, I have been asked to help in many special activities. like greeting children and families at The Streets of SouthGlenn, The White Fence Farm, The Stonegate Community Center in Parker Colorado, Innovative Services and Cottonwood facilities for Special Needs adults, Arapahoe County Foster Children Supper with Santa, Make-A-Wish Store at Children's Hospital in Aurora and many individual homes for a special visit with Santa.  

My Favorite Prayer

Santa David of Centennial

“Lord, You know that You’re the reason
I take pleasure in this season.
I don’t want to take Your place,
But just reflect Your wondrous grace.
I hope You’ll help them understand
I’m just an ordinary man,
Who found a way to do Your will
By finding children with need to fill.” 

My Favorite Story

Mrs. Claus

In January of 2011, I took Mrs. Claus to the Museum of Nature and Science for her birthday. When we entered the cafeteria for lunch we heard a small girl crying and lying on the floor. Mrs. Claus immediately put down her tray and went to see if she could help. The mother said any help would be greatly appreciated but the girl continued to cry. 

I put down my tray and went to assess the situation. The little girl was crying because her feet were cold and she had no socks. I pulled my gloves out of my pocket and warmed the girl’s feet. She climbed up into her mother’s arms and looked at me. I pulled a bell out of my pocket and rang it for her to hear. She took it and exclaimed to me SANTA!!! 

We have been best of friends with this family ever since. I have been invited to birthday parties and ballet recitals and to have dinner at their house. They have even been to my house for pizza.  

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