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Members of SOS Volunteer to Help Bring Joy and Hope

We Would Like to Help You Help Someone

Do you know someone who needs a special visit from Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, an Elf or another Christmas Character? 

Currently we are available to help in Colorado, primarily from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. However, as our members travel, one of them may be able to help outside this area.

We are available year-round if needed. 

If you are a legal non-profit organization, a church or a government agency, we would like to help you by providing a volunteer Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf or other Christmas Character to visit the person or family you suggest.

Please fill out the request form below and submit it as early in the year as possible, but no later than October 1st, for consideration.

Each organization may submit only one request per year.

Selection By October 17th

The initial selection of possible recipients will be completed and the sponsoring organization notified on or before October 17th.  At that point we will coordinate the time, date and location with you.

If you have not been notified by that date, your request was not selected. We regret that we do not have the resources to notify or respond to requests regarding non-selected candidates. 

Please do not draw any inferences if your request is not selected. We make this offer each year and receive more requests than we can fill. We try to provide a visit to the most deserving of the recommended children or families. Do not hesitate to recommend another or the same child or family next year as your selection may fare better at a different time.

Who We Want to Help

We focus on children with special needs -- physical, mental or environment. Examples include, but are not limited to, children with Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy, children who cannot leave their home or hospital, or children in foster care.

We realize the children with special needs have a large impact on the rest of their family -- their family and their siblings. The purpose of our visit is to bring joyfully magical experience to everyone.

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